About Himalaya Organic

about himalaya organic

Himalaya Organic from "Right From Hills" is a renowned social enterprise that strives to provide fresh and good quality organic food straight from our farmers to consumers. It was initiated in 2015 with the objective of increasing social consciousness among the people to protect our environment as well as to uplift the marginalised farmers and producers into a consolidated front in the urban market. We believe in making organic food easily and conveniently available to all, and in short period going to launch it as an online portal

Our network of farmers is certified under the organic certification and we endeavour to provide our consumers with authentic and best quality products. We work with farmers across Uttarakhand, Himanchal , Jammu & Kashmir, Nepal , Sikkim.

Above all, we wish to bring to all the finest gifts of nature, with love from Mother Earth.

Mission and Values:

Our vision: Our vision is to be a vehicle of social consciousness in the urban market, by creating a holistic sustainable environment through sale of organic products by farmers that promotes well-being of our consumers as well as our environment. We aspire to achieve sustainable development by converting more and more farmers to organic farming by propagating its advantages and long term effect

Our mission:

Our mission is to reconnect the farmer with the consumer, through a bond of trust and respect. We firmly believe in the rejuvenation of respect for the farmer, environment as well as the consumer. We aspire to create an organic Kolkata by creating a market for the organic farmers’ produce which is available to the people at affordable prices.

On one end, we train and support organic farmers to directly connect to urban consumers through a non-perishable chemical free supply chain govern/driven by UOCB. Farmers are encouraged to use native seeds, discontinue the use of synthetic inputs and use non synthetic, eco friendly alternatives like bio pesticides, bio fertilizers (vermin-composting, composting etc).

On the other end, in the urban belt, our endeavour seeks to provide a safer alternative of healthy food, along with awareness about the various native varieties of food that exists in our country.

Our values:

All farmers connected to Right From Hills have made the following pledge for you:

Absolute commitment to quality and health - No use of chemical or synthetic input (pesticides, fertilizer, herbicides etc) . Reviving traditional methods - Use of only desi or native seeds for farming. Respect and devotion to Mother Nature - Build a living soil through practices that respect ecology and biodiversity in order to conserve the environment. Service to all: We value our farmers, their produce, the needs of our customers and the need to protect our environment.