Himalaya Organic products are Organic Certified/Natural

Himalaya Organic team procures products only from Himalayan State Himanchal and Uttarakhand.

The conversion of farms from no organic to organic mode have been increasing rapidly and also the demand for certified organic products for domestic as well as export markets has also increased. In this scenario the "Organic Certification" has become an essential tool for organic farming in the state. "Certification is a verification process of determining that the products said to be organic are incompliance with a defined criteria for organic production." In order to building trust of consumer in organics and organic markets certification has greatly helped.

However, certification can be tedious and expensive, which can be a deterrent for small farmers.

  • 1. A majority of agriculture practitioners in Himalayan states are smallholders.
  • 2. They are having fragmented land holding.
  • 3. They are often located in remote areas with long travel times from one place to another.
  • 4. The over all revenue from their agricultural production is usually far too small to cover the cost of farm inspection by external inspection body for each farmer

While we endorse certified producer groups and their products, we also get references for non-certified farmers through our network of experts and activists, who can vouch for their authenticity.

If you would like to know more about certification or monitoring please feel free to send us your questions at info@himalayaorganic.com.

We also encourage people interested in organic farming and methods to visit our farms and meet the farmers. If you would like to arrange a visit, please send us an email at info@isayorganic.com with your details.