Himalayan Organic High Altitude Oregano

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Himalaya Organic Oregano

Grown in Indian Himalaya at an altitude of 6000 to 7000 ft . Used snow fed river water for cultivation. No machine and any form of chemical used in cultivaion to packaging.Shed Dried Raw Herb, uncrushed, hand picked, easy to use for Oil, Tea and various other purposes. Shed Drying process is oldest method to retain the fragrance,freshness and flavour.

High Altitude Herb Oregano can be used for flavouring Pizza, Pasta, Sauces, Risotto, Italian Salads, roasts, dressings, infused oils , Marinades etc

  1. Antioxidants for Immune System Support.Antifungal, Antibacterial.
  2. Anti-inflammatory Properties
  3. Useful for Upper Respiratory Infections
  4. Cancer-Fighting Effects
  5. Helps in ealing Urinary tract infections

Offer Price:Rs. 85

( 4.9 / 5 ) | 19 Reviews


( ): 2016/07/20

wonderful been using it for months

these are pure oregano leaf shed dried one, you get what you pay for. Overall i would recommend it

( ): 2016/07/20

wonderful been using it for months

these are pure oregano leaf shed dried one, you get what you pay for. Overall i would recommend it

( ): 2016/07/18

Ultimate Organic Herb

Product got delivered within 24 Hours. Kudos to the team! Have been using this Oregano for a while and with no doubt it is far better then any other Herbs available in the market.</br><p>Synopsis</p><p>Cost - 9/10</p><p>Taste - 10/10</P>

( ): 2016/07/11

Suberb packing

Recieved today...taste is good....product looks genuine

( ): 2016/07/09

Good One

This is the second time I am using this product and it's great! Will be ordering the next one soon :)

( ): 2016/07/05


very quick delivery best quality Herb at less price there is no added items it is pure oregano

( ): 2016/06/29

Oregano from High Mountains

Oregano from High mountains, grown in clean and natural environment. Must Try it

( ): 2016/06/21

Amazing product

Very nice oregano. Certainly authentic. Taste is good. can be used as tea. Just don't raise the prices or else it will lose its charm

( ): 2016/06/20


good product

( ): 2016/05/20


Got product today. Packing was nice and genuine product .this is first time I have ordered this.I Hope the Results Are GOOD enough.but slow delivery. tired of waiting?

( ): 2016/05/02

honestly very good

go for it everybody...

( ): 2016/04/14

Thank you so much

I just got my Himalaya Oregano ...packing is good....like in a bottle not loose like other vendors....at this affordable price....just keep in providing quality products...god bless

( ): 2016/04/12

Fantastic Herb at Affordable Price

Fantastic Herb at Affordable Price - I like the taste , use it in general cooking too.

( ): 2016/03/29

Original Organic Oregano

Now we can buy it on Amazon, thats good add new kudos to product

( ): 2016/03/19

Nice One

Just received it yesterday i.e. 16/3/2016 & used it today in morning breakfast. It tastes good. Shed dried oregano much better than sun dried oregano. For me, it tastes good. Himalaya Organic team- can you please bring out Mixed/Flavored version of same as it would attract many more buyers.

( ): 2016/03/17

Great product and stupendous customer service

Got the product 15gm Herb from Himalaya Organic for the first time in broken bottle. I called the Himalaya Organic help number, person appologises for the issue and immediately ordered the new one from my behalf and that is free. Till then I have ordered it thrice and never faced any issue again PS: Thanks Mr. Ashish for your help. Much appreciated!

( ): 2016/03/12

Big Difference between shed dried and sun dried

Comparing to what I was using it is much better that sun dried herbs 1. leaf are bit soft. 2. sun/heat dried herb have more shelf life. 3. Himalayan Oregano is a lot difference from oregano present in market. 4. taste is uncomparable with others Must go for it.

( ): 2016/03/10

Good Product

I'm writing this review after using this product for a week. It comes in gllass bottle with nice packing. Pure Oregano leaf. One request to Himalaya Organic team add some ginger ans salt to your products.

( ): 2015/03/01


Apart from taste,which is justified as it is not mixed herb, this is amazing product.

( ): 2016/02/27

good value for money

Very good product